The Education of Mr. Pipp by Charles Dana Gibson


Dieses wahrhaft einzigartige Buch beschreibt Mr. Pipps Reisen mit Mrs Pipp und seinen 2 Töchtern an die Riviera, nach Italien, Monte Carlo, die Abenteuer und die Menschen, denen sie sowohl auf ihrer Reise als auch bei ihrer Rückkehr nach England begegnen.                                                                                       In this series the successful and diminutive, but much-put-upon, Mr. Pipp agrees to take his wife and their two statuesque daughters, immediately recognizable as „Gibson Girls,“ on a Grand Tour of Europe. A gentle social comedy unfolds as Mr Pipp and family travel to London, Paris, the Riviera, Italy, Monte Carlo and back again. Along the way they shop, go to the opera, stroll and hike, make new friends, both opportunistic and true, fall prey to a jewel thief, attend embassy parties, dance, buy more jewels, are presented at the Court of St James, play croquet, go to the races, etc. etc. While Mr Pipp struggles to keep up and adapt to the changing social scenes, his glamorous daughters glide serenely along, drawing admiring glances from one and all in their wake, and conquering the hearts of two young gentlemen. Poor Mr Pipp never saw it coming! In 1905, Gibson and Augustus Thomas turned THE EDUCATION OF MR PIPP into a Broadway comedy, which was adapted for film in 1914. Both starred Digby Bell as Mr Pipp.

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R. H. Russell, New York,1899 ( MDCCCXCIX ), unpaginiert [77 gez. S.], Skizzen u. Illustrationen, Langformat, 45 x 30 x 2cm, 2300gr., Hardcover, beim Einband Kanten abgestoßen, Flecken, vergilbt, außen teils eingerissene Seiten, Seitenzustand ansonsten gut

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