Eighty Fairy Tales von Hans Christian Andersen


In the whole realm of poetry no domain is so boundless as that of the fairy tale. It reaches from the blood-drenched graves of antiquity  to the pious legends of a child´s picture-book; it takes in the poetry of the people and the poetry of the artist. To me it represents all poetry, and he who masters it must be able to put into it tragedy, comedy, naive simplicity, and humor…. In the folk tale it is always Simple Simon who is victorious in the end…. Thus also the innocence of poetry, overlooked and jeered at by the other brothers, will reach farthest in the end.“       H.Ch. Andersen                                        ISBN 0-394-52523-X

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Pantheon Books, New York, 1982, 483 S., Ill. von W. Pedersen, Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag, dieser durch Gebrauch beschädigt und abgenutzt, Halbleinen., ansonsten in gutem Zustand, seltenes Exemplar, 24.5x17x4.5cm, 900gr., Sprache: Englisch

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